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Separate twins September 20, 2007

Posted by vsap in Poetry, Uncategorized.

I thought the shadowy figure in the park

was you but the street lamps were low and it was turning dark.

I heard your muffled voice but you were up the path

and I didn’t want to sneak up, stir your wrath.

We took different ways to arrive at our different places.

It’s hard to believe we started with the same faces

and moved so swiftly to different ends

and never returned from the river’s bend.

That river runs more smoothly here,

it’s not so muddy, it runs more clear.

But the traces of rage and sadness are moving there

and gives reason why we’re an imperfect pair.

I turned into a missionary and you turned away.

You turned inside with nothing more to say.

But actions speak volumes and as you walk up the hill

I think of the grim consequences you live to fulfill.

Waiting? I won’t be waiting by the phone or at the shop

but you know where to reach me when you want to drop

but you don’t, and you won’t, and it’s just as well

since you released me from your personal hell.



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