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Black as evil September 18, 2007

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry, Uncategorized.

There is an emptiness, mythical in proportion,

the classic abyss that is imponderable, black as evil.

And our mission is to place on metaphorical armor

in hopes of battling and defeating this very real foe.

But it is intangible and without the substance where,

I am asked often, can there be an enemy, a fight?

I can’t say I’ve never questioned it myself but I have

set it aside, this whole idea that it’s a ghost, a vapor,

and by virtue of that, meaningless.

I am told it simply can’t exist and I shake my head

like I know this secret and no one gets it.

It’s like a movie where you know, as watcher,

that the boy is telling the truth but the parents

don’t see it and they scoff, or worse, dismiss.

You urge the little boy not to give up the fight,

not to succumb to the jaded adults clouded by life.

They can’t look at me the same way, I’m not a boy.

Their tolerance for what they can’t digest in a sound bite

is low as is their resistance to the blackness around them.

Easier to curse the darkness, so I’ve been told, and so have you.

Now is the moment of choice. What do you choose?

Light? Or at least the glimmer of hope? Or darkness

black as the devil’s soul, deep and cold as the ocean?

Now is the moment of choice. What do you choose?



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