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This time of life September 14, 2007

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There are no wishes, no dreams, no desires

to hold fast to, not at this age, not at this time of life.

Letting go of the hand of noble idealism

and reaching for the cloak of immediate expediency

it’s an easy ride and there seems to be little cost involved

at least at first, when it seems fresh, in the beginning.

But there’s where the intersection of Wrong and Right

emerges and the light doesn’t seem interested in turning,

then it’s left and gone and that road that held so much appeal

it grows long and straight and flat and the idea of a hill or lake

or some kind of physical relief seems so far off as the horizon

continues to bend with the sun constantly going from behind

to above to ahead in an endless stream of endless days.

There are those who always look like they were born old,

there are others who never seem to grow old and then

there are those who forget there’s a difference and if that is

a sin or blessing must be something to be decided from within

since it is neither and both and those roads will be crossed

dozens of times in a short life, thousands if the years are many.

There are prayers to be said, pains to dread and money to spend

as we slide on this slippery slope of life skidding into the sea.



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