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A boy throwing a football to himself September 13, 2007

Posted by vsap in Poetry, Uncategorized.

A boy throwing a football up in the air, to himself,

it’s after school, but the wind is kicking,

it’s about to rain, and none of the friends will venture out.

He doesn’t let that bother him.

He stands in his driveway and throws it up.

And again, then over onto the grass where he can pretend

to make a spectacular leap and he imagines the crowd

standing and cheering at the effort as the ball lands just

out of his grasp. He lays on the ground savoring the moment.

Then the school bus with his little sister on it brings him

back to the real moment. He notices he’s on the ground

and the grass is soft and cool and he doesn’t want to get up.

He knows he needs to meet his sister, usher her across the street,

but just a moment longer is all, just another moment.



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