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Edging Grass September 2, 2007

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Edging grass, pushing the manual edger hard

through the well-rooted, vine-like Bermuda

just to give a trim, a nice finishing touch to

my driveway, sidewalk, and walk up to the house.

Rolling, metal against concrete, at first smooth then

abrupt stop! Back up and go at it again, one moment

longer than the next when it’s eighty-six with

ninety percent humidity, but I do it now since it’s the

coolest part of the day.

Back slumped, shoulder down and push! How did I

let it get so out of control, what was I thinking, driving

past it every day, park the car and go into the house,

as if it would trim itself, or know better than encroach

on the concrete, and it should, it can’t live there,

but it doesn’t have to, as I sadly discover, it just

sends its tentacles out to crawl across the drive,

making it look like I’ve abandoned the place

or at least ignored it, which I have.

Using the leg muscles to help the shoulders and arms push

it’s a sweaty task but when it’s done it’s really not over.

I have to retrieve the broom and get to picking up the mess,

like a hairsytlist, her job isn’t over just because you can get up

and leave, no, the tedious part of the job is cleaning up.

It’s the same with this trim, to be complete, the sweeping

must begin, followed by the bagging and depositing in the

compost heap or worse a plastic bag for deposit in the

trash can for the garbageman to pick up tomorrow.

Could I be that insensitive? At this moment I not only

could be, but I am, in my disdain for the job at hand.



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