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Christ, Helmsman August 28, 2007

Posted by vsap in Poetry, Uncategorized.

I was a ship that knew no sea,

Then You broke me from my moorings

And I drifted a bit until You took control.

Now with You at the helm of my life

I steer around choppy waters

And when You let me take the bridge

You stand by my side to guide me through

storms and swells that would otherwise overwhelm me.

You grant me strength and wisdom

To patch breaches in my hull,

And if the waters begin to overtake me

I call on You and You lead me to a safe harbor.

You guard me in port and protect my provisions

So when it is time to cast off again

I am fully supplied and sea-worthy.

You set Your holy, battle-ready angels around me.

You set my course and yet when I stray

You do not abandon me to the abyss.

You correct me, and, if I’m in dire straits,

You take the helm again until I am able.

How can I thank You but by living a life pleasing to You

So my final port will be with You in glory.



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