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Boy and a lighthouse August 27, 2007

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I would tell my son a story every night about a boy and a lighthouse.

It would go something like this:


A boy, just about your age, lived in a lighthouse with his Mom and Dad,

who was the Lighthouse Keeper, there on the coast of Maine.

Now, you’ve never been to Maine, but the coast is very rocky,

rugged, and a lighthouse is very important to sailors, especially to fishermen

who make their living pulling lobster, shrimp, salmon, and tuna from

the cold, dark Atlantic, using nets and traps sometimes for weeks at a time.

They need to know how close they are to the coastline and that’s what

the lighthouse does, it let’s them know where the coast is regardless

of rain, wind, fog, waves, or anything that would bring them too close.

Well, it was the boy’s job to make sure the lighthouse floor was clean

so his Dad could do his job of keeping the lamps lit and burning clear

through the thick glass, so strong it could stand a gale of one-hundred

with no stress, and a little more if pushed, and the boy polished the glass

like it was a diamond, yes, he was like a jeweler, really, like a jeweler.


By now, he would be asleep and I would just push his hair away from

his face, and look at him for a moment, turn on the night light and leave

the room, never thinking about a time when he wouldn’t want to hear

about the little boy in the lighthouse on the rocky coast of Maine.

And as I sit in his room today, him off to college and me still here,

it occurred to me that I’ve never been to Maine and it wasn’t about the place

or the little boy or his adventures, it was about the time I spent

every evening by his bed, every evening , that he and I remembered.



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