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Immediate Care Center August 26, 2007

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The parking lot outside the immediate care center is quiet.

Firestone’s repair shop next door is alive with air hammers,

the clinking of tools and shouts in Spanish and English.

But not here, it is quiet like you would expect in a hospital.

The August heat finally got to me so I decided to go in

just to fetch my wife or just to drink in some fresh air

conditioning and relax my worried insides.

A sign on the reception desk told arrivals it would be

one hundred and twenty-five dollars for a first visit and

eighty dollars for a follow-up visit if there was no insurance.

And I thought how Hillary Clinton wants to give it all away

then I thought how horrid it would be for anyone, for me,

to read that sign at the moment of need and lose all hope.

I have had those months without insurance when health

was deferred for groceries and gas or it was over to the ER

if it got too bad to bear until the next paycheck or so.

No one in the waiting room looked poor by dress and they,

like my wife, may have come to fulfill a pre-employment

exercise so the cost didn’t factor in their decisions at all.

But so often it does, the cost dictates ability to stay well

or to get healed or to even get seen by doctor or nurse.

No, I don’t think the government is qualified to handle

your health care or mine and, no, I don’t think they should

place restrictions on what docs and nurses can make for

attempting to cure particular illnesses under certain

circumstances, no more than they should tell the Firestone

boys next door.

They were educated for that purpose, by their choice they paid

for the schooling and now is the time to receive the reward for

the years of study and labor and broken relationships, and those

yet to come. It’s another imperfection to live with, is all.



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