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Chemistry August 9, 2007

Posted by vsap in Poetry, Uncategorized.

It’s the chemistry, I’m told,

that doesn’t permit me

exhilaration or euphoria,

but I don’t usually hunker

down in depression for more

than a few moments having

always sought a middle ground.

I’ve found it and I’m numb.

You smile knowingly

having heaped this cruelty

on yourself, seen it in others

or heaped it on them yourself.

Too empty to feel weary,

distracted by impotence

you search for the fabled

energy of youth untapped.

Vanquished, I think, by

shadowy specter looking

strangely like me in that

Marvel comic book way.

Bells of blue silence

conjure bitter cascades of

blank stares and apathic

shrugs from assembled saints.

Begs the question of vagabound

desires we carry, you and I,

intentionally or unintentionally,

and it’s chemistry, I’m told.



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