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Is the lark frozen in winter’s abruptness? August 8, 2007

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Is the lark frozen in winter’s abruptness?

Shall she ever light, gracefully, wings extended then folded?

Her eyes are like mine, dark, weak, and dreamless.

I am not acquainted with her aerial spaces and views.

Even near death, she acknowledges my presence with a nod

and painful craning of her neck.

Neither wife nor lover of renown,

but vigilant mother and courageous hunter.

(I think how little I’ve accomplished against this)

She took this as her lot not anticipating

grateful affection from mate or offspring

(wherever they might be today)

I do not reserve such strength for myself

for I cherish my dependence on others the more.

I bend down to caress her, but she jumps defensively,

but her strength is gone and her will nearly run out

as if she really intended to fight me.

Once in my hands, sheltered from wind and snow,

pressed against my coat, she becomes calm,

heartbeat slowing and eyes heavy with sleep.

A deep abiding sleep from which tomorrow never calls

for a lark frozen in winter’s abruptness.



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