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Country Song (Beam to Dickel to Daniels) August 4, 2007

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The town drunk is leaning against a lamp post

where it’s midnight in his soul and he can hardly stand.

He thinks about what used to matter most

and he stares at the empty bottle in his hand.

Jim Beam took him down to George Dickel

and introduced him to Jack Daniels’ old sour mash.

He can’t remember how he got in this pickle,

but he knows he’s out of luck and out of cash.

No, he don’t blame his job cause it wasn’t all that hard,

and he don’t blame his wife since he never had one.

He could take it out on his old Buick car

but it’s been six years since it’s even run.

Yeah, he could be mad at mom and dad for splittin’ up,

and he could hate his sister and brother for never callin’

but he never liked ’em ’cause they never shut up

about the hole he was diggin’ in and fallin’.

Pabst took him down the road to Bud

and introduced him to Millers’ MGD.

He can’t remember how he got swept up in the flood,

but he knows he’s relivin’ history.

Now he’s slid down the post to the street

and he’s wonderin’ what’ll be the next big move.

Will he try to get up on his feet

like he’s got something left to prove?

Well, at forty-nine, it’s not too late to start

to forgive yourself and take on something new.

All you need is one ounce of heart,

and the will to do what a man must do.

Jesus brought him up off the mean street

and introduced him to a different life.

He won’t look back at yesterday’s defeat,

and he don’t need the drinkin’ and the strife.



1. judilynn - August 4, 2007

I really like this – real “meaty” stuff! I especially like the words “midnight of the soul”.

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