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Heat We Choose July 29, 2007

Posted by vsap in Poetry, Uncategorized.

I’ve been to Arizona and I don’t know

what they mean by “dry heat” –

Stick your head in an oven and it’s hot

with or without humidity so that’s

another urban legend debunked.

Summer in Georgia is like Florida

without the alligators and more than an inch

above sea level but it can rain

at some point every day and not be

a nuisance like a monsoon season tends to be.

Hot and humid get a whole new meaning in St. Louis

check the Wikipedia and its listed as one definition.

That valley carved into the Mississippi widens into a

cauldron just about where Lewis and Clark put in.

Chicago and Detroit can come close but they have the

Canadian jet stream to help but Missouri gets no help.

Kansas City, Springfield, Joplin, all get pummeled by storms

summer and winter, it’s like living in Oklahoma

merciless, punishing, a drain on body and spirit.

Heat is what it is and some of us can stay cool

at a hundred five in the shade and others can’t stay

warm if it’s seventy-two and still,

but life is about feeling those changes, noticing those

differences and choosing in spite of logic

and choosing from the heart.



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