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Michael Vick July 27, 2007

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Climbing out from under

my rock I hear the clamor against

Michael Vick and try as I might to

grasp what he has done and I

wonder if he now thinks he’s in the life

at least I think that’s how men say it

like it’s a badge of courage (like “I’m a man”)

and I thought he was a milionaire or

something but so was Michael Jordan and

it looks like he overcame gambling and baseball

and no one thinks he’s a criminal, big cigar out erect or

in those campy underwear ads with Kevin Bacon

(I guess it’s true about the six degrees

at least I just wrote proof!)

Then Michael Vick is there in Richmond

blue suit asking Mom’s forgiveness and all that

and maybe if he’s innocent he don’t owe Mom

anything and he certainly don’t owe me

or anyone whether dog lover or hater or

whether they believe dogs are benign nuisances

Michael owes himself a clean slate and to walk from

this messy situation like a cat knocks the bowl

from the sill and watches it crash on the floor and

simply moves along the sill with no second thought

then again what if it were all about cat fighting

would the protesters still be lined up at Arthur Blank’s

door screaming for Vick’s neutering well I guess there

are radical pet lovers who make Cindy Sheehan look

like a Girl Scout selling cookies in front of the Wal-Mart

but we all have our thugs we love to hate those

junkyard dogs of rage and revenge (which reminds me

I haven’t seen Jesse Jackson around this dung pile)

and while you may not like the analogy you clearly

know what I’m talking about you know

what it’s all about



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