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Smug and Clever July 25, 2007

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Don’t you sometimes wonder about the smug and clever?

It could be we’re just jealous, though we’d like to think not.

And it seems if you can talk about it at all to them, it’s innate,

they don’t need to think twice about it, it’s not contrived.

We metaphorically scratch our heads and say, “Why not me?”

Mostly to ourselves but sometimes out loud as if it would help,

as if someone might tells us we really have the gift, no, really!

We know some with quick wits, maybe one with a wry sense of humor

but I admit I have to look up wry every time before I use it.

We tend to retract from the sarcastic and we can take the sardonic

in small doses and only in the appropriate mood and setting.

We don’t understand those who use laughter as their only response

to just about every situation we’ve ever seen them in…

car crashes, kids falling off their bikes, squirrels hit by trucks,

We ask “what’s so funny?” and they shake their head and laugh

sometimes tears boiling up from their eyes, sometimes catching themselves

they place hand firmly across their mouth like they could hold it in.

Don’t you sometimes wonder about the smug and clever?

They may not be the most likely to succeed from a high school yearbook,

but they seem to succeed quite nicely but we don’t know how.

Like the kid who never studied, and we all knew at least one, and

he smoked and hung with the wrong crowd and barely passed.

By the time the twenty-year reunion rolled around, he was the

west coast real estate tycoon and he didn’t remember anything about us except

we snubbed him and wrote him off so now was time for payback,

trophy wife on the arm, white suit and shoes, perfect hair and LA ways.

We would mutter, “I don’t remember him being so unpleasant.”

He wasn’t, but we were the smug and clever back in the day…

at least we thought we were.



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