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What does it take? July 22, 2007

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

Someone asked me, “What does it take?”

Like there’s one simple way to respond.

Like it’s all black or all white.

So let’s try this…

There’s an innate trigger cocked

Like a .44 ready to explode

Then heart catches head or

Head catches heart.

Now we’re back to the question:

“What does it take?”

If context is set, the answer is easy.

If context is void, there’s no answer at all.

If context is only variables, nothing fixed,

Then anything that’s available works.

I can lose my patience and cascade expletives

Like a Tourette’s victim at a hockey game

Or collapse like a quiet drunk limp on a pub stool.

 But, that begs the question…

“What does it take?” I hear someone scream.

Patience gone, common sense forgotten,

Looking out for number one.

Traffic jams and long lines at the DMV

Drive people to a place they don’t like to go,

Well, most don’t want to go there,

But who can hear anything at pitched decibel levels?

Head down, eyes raised, whispered voice, “What does it take?”

It’s one part romantic intrigue, one part pure sex.

And, finally, one part unspecified yearning

That you seldom see in writing,

It must be spoken to be understood.

And as you give an agreeing nod without knowing why

You catch yourself and try to switch

From emotion to intellect unsuccessfully.

 Paper on top of extended hand and they say, “What does it take?”

Running your mental figures through your cerebral Rolodex,

Can’t grab the folders – they’re slippery with sweat –

Words are reverberating, impatient for an answer.

You can’t go there, you won’t fill the request,

You just shut down and see if that’s acceptable.

Of course, it isn’t, and a hand crumples the paper

And grabs your shoulder to push you away.

“What does it take?”



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