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I weep for Israel July 21, 2007

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

I weep for Israel

For Zion, God’s Holy Hill.

Arab and Persian are relentless against her being.

They live by a jealous prophet,

jealous of the very God he claimed to serve.

There is no mercy within them.

But neither Jew nor Israelite fear deeply.

They have risen before and they will rise again.

As God struck down Philistines with a single smooth stone

Surely He will in this age, if they do not relent.

Qualities of mercy and compassion are of God.

So, too, is righteousness and condemnation for the

Unrepentant of every nation,

And their resurrection will be to fire.

I pray for a day when the Jordan runs clean,

When Arab and Persian are content with their land

And abandon claims to a Palestine without Jew or Christian.

Instead give honor and glory to God by restoring Zion.

Until  then there is no peace.

Until then there is crying and mourning and suffering

And God sees it. The God of Israel knows the pain

And He will not abandon His people

even when they abandon Him.

Turn Your face to Your people again!

Rebuild Your temple on Zion, O God!

Sift followers of the jealous prophet

And make them humble themselves to You,

Burying their weapons and hate,

And raising their hands to honor You.



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