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Bastille Day July 15, 2007

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

Bastille Day and the talk among those gathered, huddling on the sidewalk cafes and bistros isn’t about the liberty achieved, it’s about giving it up, but incrementally, not wholesale, like in a coma, since no one wants to fight for old-fashioned notions.

We like to tell ourselves we’re a sophisticated people, civilized, relying on negotiations and political pandering, not guns and bombs or using children to further the cause or seeking the reward of virgins in paradise for our sacrifice on earth.

Now, I know the pope would have you believe the Roman church is the one true church but that only tells me he hasn’t read his Bible very well since God never endorsed one denomination over another, all sects being man’s creation, not His.

So the bondage takes its various forms, and has since the beginning, but we need to remember what it was like for the French before Bastille Day and cherish the liberty we presently possess and let no political or religious partisan take it away for any reason.



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