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Logo on a Zippo June 6, 2007

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A logo on a Zippo lighter, a flaming skull, this one, and another bears a cartoon boy pissing on a Ford logo.

These some time active imaginations make for conversation at airport gates, seated uneasily watching the pulsating crowd, people ebbing and flowing like an ocean to its shore.

There’s a tendency to cleave when it’s time to go, there’s this odd crossing or misunderstanding differences between privileges and rights and responsibilities mixed with neglect.

Yet, no one says a thing about truth if it impedes their agenda, makes it difficult or somehow interferes with their definition of progress, and expediency is progress’s ADD cousin, never bothering to listen and often not hearing, always on the lookout for an escape hatch even when there is no danger or anything to fear, and it sometimes stumbles into salvation without intent and for many other less noble reasons.

Logos on Zippo lighters rub off over time, the years and thousands of cigarettes ignited show the signs of the years, show the signs of habits unconsciously engaged.

Boston, June 4, 2007



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