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This freedom May 12, 2007

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It’s seven o’clock on a Wednesday in Charlotte, North Carolina.
At 80 degrees and Andrea pushing toward the northwest
You’d think there’s a fair chance of rain. Not so.
High pressure blocks the low pressure and southeast Georgia lies in cinders
And what hasn’t burned is a tinderbox.
Global warming isn’t the issue: it’s barometric pressure,
it’s the jet stream, it’s El Nino or La Nina, nothing more or less.

And when you put it into perspective, Barry Bonds can hit 900 home runs
and the world is no better, no worse for all the effort and angst.
If he cheated to achieve his goal and his goal was borne of jealousy then he has received his reward already so there’s no celebration needed, nothing to watch, let’s just move along people, haven’t you seen a train wreck before?
Goals borne of jealousy never produce sought-after satisfaction.

When you seek solace you are jabbed in the eye by Katrina victims who can’t seem to recover and then you are heaped upon by Greensburg, Kansas, and you marvel
at a town that’s ninety-five percent destroyed with so few casualties.
The answer is simple: Some know where they live and they live prepared for the possibilities without government intervention. No preparation, no reparation.
Others are still waiting today for government to intervene on their behalf from a disaster in August 2005 and either the assistance will not arrive or it certainly won’t in the proportion demanded, expected or anticipated.

And there is no political solution to a war on terror, don’t be a fool in this.
If the enemy understands force, you meet him with crushing force
and he won’t get up very quickly if he gets up at all.
When was the next time Japan was a problem after the bombs dropped in 1945?
Hitler killed himself only after he knew he was doomed. Have we forgotten these lessons? Similarly, the present enemy must be crushed.

I thought about this as I drove from Roanoke to Charlotte,
especially on I-81 since it is one of the most scenic roads in America.
But when you begin to imagine the hills ravished by bombs and the country roads with craters in them and their frontages littered with debris,
you begin to understand the value of destroying this present enemy.
You know that they can’t be allowed a foothold in this nation under any circumstance,
No matter how well-meaning, no matter how conciliatory.
The world has no use for fascism of any kind for any reason.

So as you consider your Starbucks and contemplate your next golf game or decide on the next meal, your vacation, or whether or not to venture to the mall, remember this freedom is dear and while it would be wonderful if everyone could just get along, it hasn’t happened in your lifetime and the enemy won’t go away if you run away.
He will pursue you as long as you let him stand because he isn’t finished with his evil.



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