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Dangerous Game May 4, 2007

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry, Uncategorized.

This is a dangerous game, mixing anger and frustration –
Not discerning the truth about yourself;
Not believing what other people see;
Not accepting anything negative is in you is possible.

It is a tonic for demons, mixing anger and frustration –
When what was lauded yesterday can’t meet today’s standard;
When what you know means nothing against who you know;
When who you know is meaningless.

Like an errant alchemist, mixing anger and frustration –
There is no measure for its damage;
There is no sweetness in its flavor;
There is nothing satisfying or complete.

A nuclear winter surrounds mixing anger and frustration –
No one left standing in its aftermath;
No victims for ministering;
No laughter and a bitter silence.

Glasses are stained after mixing anger and frustration –
The evidence is clearly marked;
The pattern obvious to everyone;
The perpetrator stands hollow and alone.

You can drop the flask while mixing anger and frustration –
And it hits the floor quickly disappearing;
And though it can bounce it spills and escapes;
And there is a choice: let it go and walk away.

Toxins of abuse and hate form from mixing anger and frustration –
But the door swings both ways;
But you can choose your own path;
But you can’t keep it to yourself.
May 19, 2005



1. zerog - May 5, 2007

Bad advisors they are indeed, anger and frustration.

I like it. It has rhytm, silent power, a bit of ice, a bit of fire.

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