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Avenging Angels May 1, 2007

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

Avenging angels are on the march,
Their thunderous steps emanate from above the clouds.
They are God’s light and lightning.
They are incomprehensible to the human mind.

Their radiance overtakes forces of night
And the third watch becomes brighter than mid-day.
Hoist no flags or banners in this battle.
Patriotic hymns are out of place.

This is not nation against nation,
This is good against evil.
This is daybreak chasing midnight.
This is triumph as designed by the Creator.

Avenging angels are not distracted,
They are not possessed by mental defects.
They have no physical frailty
And their strength begins where the strongest of men break.

Their eyes can pierce the deepest defenses.
They need not draw their swords.
But the enemy is affected by displays of force,
So they are drawn all the higher, brandished all the more.

This evil melts at the touch of their hands,
The wind from their wings strikes it down.
The fallen angels are tossed like tissue to the ground,
Like tissue in a hurricane.

God created avenging angels as His servants,
Nothing more, nothing less.
He commands and they respond with obedience
As we should here on Earth.



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