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When I heard of the uncloudy day April 27, 2007

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

When I hear of the uncloudy day
It’s hard to imagine it in the middle of Manhattan
But at 32,000 feet, flying at 500 miles an hour
I begin to see the place where the clouds are the floor and not the ceiling
And I begin to believe what I heard
The old hymn writers didn’t have benefit of this perspective
And I have to wonder how they could describe the indescribable from
Cramped quarters in Paris, London or Hamburg
Or even in the rolling hills of rural eastern America
They heard God speak so clearly they could write it for us to grasp
Even if I never board a plane for some exotic destination I have the picture
Painted by these artists as God spoke it to them and they speak it to me
In their music, their poetry, their art
I grasp that momentary glimpse of the human side of Heaven
The deep blue sky with no clouds, nothing to impair its seamless beauty
And expansive majesty
Where emptiness and silence are welcomed without feeling alone
Where emptiness and silence are welcomed

April 11, 2007 ATL to KC



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