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No Charm (in the tortured artist effect) April 19, 2007

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

There is no charm in happiness for the artist whether working in words, on canvas, on in song.
We like to hear about the oppressions, the injustices, the ugliness of living rather than the wonder of life.
And while pain has its merit, and suffering often generates good qualities in those who learn, it seems wrong to elaborate on the stress and strain believing it delivers harmony in the midst of daily strife.
Don’t we also learn in gladness, joy, peace, and laughter? Aren’t we redeemed by such as these?
Isn’t the pleasure of someone’s company without contention a dream turned reality for us?
Kids jump from a school bus and scream and sing, not for release from the ride, but for the unfettered joy of freedom.
There is weariness and struggle in a two-hour commute but it’s for the comfort of home we rush.
And home, in whatever shape, place or dimension, is what we seek as we travel our various roads.
Even the trucker knows the road isn’t home no matter the schedule, the money or bill of lading.
Sailors don’t set to sea to stay. They go out so they can return and share their heroic tales or, at least, revel in their silence with ones they cherish.
Gamblers might find excitement in the promise of Vegas, but there’s always a humble home waiting.
Back there is happiness because there are family and friends we forgive even if they fail.
So the bondage is self-imposed and the paranoia self-induced, it never happens “out there”.
As you often hear we need to affix blame, there must be a guilty party, and no good deed goes unpunished.
This is the fountainhead for our artists. This is the moment when our reflections turn queer.
And while pain has its merit, and suffering generates good qualities from time to time, it seems like a house unfurnished.

September 15, 2006 



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