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Evidence April 15, 2007

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We are looking for evidence so we can affix blame,  exonerate ourselves and think of how much better off we are than the perp and the vic.

Like every white man didn’t know Donnie Imus had fallen irrelevant years ago, the memo hadn’t been received by Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, as if they’d understood anyway.

Now we have to allow Oprah lead the healing of the American Idol pop-culturalists who have been so gravely injured it’s surprising they haven’t blamed Bush, but they likely do.

You can make cases for racism and free speech protection but those airwaves aren’t free and the marketplace brought Donnie down and you’re a fool to believe otherwise.

It’s the same marketplace that allows all the rappers to articulate or pronounciate their hate of women, rivals, and Governor Corzine lays in the hospital for what?

They got one thing right: it’s all about the Benjamins and taking Donnie down proves the point and the Benjamins will put him back in the air as quick as he wants, word!

We are all free to speak our minds and sometimes that’s uplifting and often it’s destructive but whether we demonstrate publicly or in private, it’s a right we have to preserve.

When political correctness wins against common sense and common good, you have put yourself in a box canyon with communists and fascists. Is that where you want to be?

April 15, 2007 



1. lauriekendrick - April 16, 2007

Great post! All this Imus, Sharpton, Moonves, CBS, Nappy Ho Gate stuff sure makes me wish it were next week already.

Enjoyed your post.

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