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Island April 10, 2007

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

Excesses are palpable-
Light and dark-
Hot and cold-
Black and white-
And so it has been for centuries
and so it will continue.
Vikings could not tame the volcanoes,
Their gods kept them at bay, and they
kept to the sea, to America.
But Odin did allow a few to stay
And through the generations they have
learned to endure and prosper
Where there was no planting, came a harvest.
Where there was a brackish sea, teeming fishes,
lava rock, hot springs, and birds.
The Viking descendants built seaports and airports
and began to tame the rim of the land.
Today, we sit at Keflavik,
And even though it seems the seasons have the advantage,
the winter nights are only as long as
the summer days and there is balance in this island, in its people.
Tourists come to gawk and taste a moment: glaciers, geysers, discos, spas.
European, and not really.
The inhabitants of the sea and lava rock, light and darkness, heat and cold,
barrenness and abundance, living under the canopy of Northern Lights.

June 17, 2005



1. pixiemeat - April 10, 2007


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