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There are never guarantees April 8, 2007

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

There are no dates to remember
No Daytimer to update
No schedule to memorize
So I can walk through it without thinking
All the meetings are canceled
And commuting time is nil

While there are never guarantees-
Not even your unions can deliver those-
It’s a life of contract assignments
With or without a paper trail
CVs, resumes, chronology and functions
We are all free agents

Selling our time to the highest bidder
Whatever the market bears at the moment
For a set period of time pre-determined or not
We forego the career path
Forget the benefits
Let go of the fantasy of satisfaction

Instead we purchase what we can
With the here and now hoping
To do better, at least a little, than survive
In a world of free agents the good news:
There is no ceiling
The bad news: there is no floor

Security is a nostalgic notion
Like family reunions or
Learning from bad bosses on cruel jobs
Coming home to an emotional void
A bankruptcy far worse than no money
A sickness deeper than cancer

But we will sit on the patio and
Count our blessings and ask for more
We are here not even a breath from God
The present and momentary drama
Will not be remembered but that won’t
stop the romanticizing years hence

May 9, 2006 



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