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Brilliance March 25, 2007

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

September 3, 2005

Someone once asked me
“Can brilliance be augured?”
And I thought if it can be plumbed then
auguring is possible although
it seemed a tilted way to view
a delicate subject like brilliance.

If brilliance is a mental state then
it may shine or be occluded.

Someone said it’s silly to argue degrees
of brilliance, blinding or subdued, as
the case might be.
For in all cases it bears definition of
overtaking anything in its midst,
anything in its path.

But not for the British, I interjected,
for whom brilliance equals good, not bright.

Someone added that brilliance symbolizes good,
like darkness symbolizes evil.
They continued by saying there is no inherent
good or bad in darkness and light,
since both were made by God
and both are employed for His purposes.

The darkness allows for His people to rest and
the brilliance demonstrates His glory.

Someone said it’s silly to argue degrees
of good and evil, darkness and light, or brilliance and the abyss.
Every good thing has elements of evil,
every brilliant thing has power to destroy.
And man has been given the authority over all
so there’s no sense dragging anyone’s notion of God into it.

At this point the stern silence and blank stares exploded into laughter as
the concierge showed us his plan for our evening.



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