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Life in rotoscope March 22, 2007

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

December 12, 2006

If you can just see life in rotoscope then the reality isn’t as harsh
Even if it is all too real
The artist can render you without blemish notwithstanding
The horrible things that occur one after the other

Cartoonish without that Bugs and Porky wry wit
You are led to believe there are black outlines to everyone
Even yourself as you gaze blankly in a mirror
You have become the caricature you so tried to avoid

Laughing as if it were a mask but it isn’t
And it reveals more now than you ever had before on your own
That of course is the true revelation that others reveal more about you
Than you ever feel comfortable to reveal about yourself

So you are left to the artists’ hand
At the mercy of someone depicting the you they believe you are
Or could be or should be or MUST become by way of a
Well-defined grip on a sordid reality you say you never subscribed to

You are no longer as vague as Pynchon or aloof and unreviled
You are cast in a sort you don’t feel comfortable with
And you don’t choose this image someone has chosen for you
You prefer to strip away the art and let the public see you for what you are



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