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Suffering as clouds and ocean March 21, 2007

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

August 25, 2006

I am told suffering is a sign, and if perseverance walks with me
there is no valley too deep or mountain too steep.
These legs carry me by shear force of will.
Maybe, but what other explanation can it be?
In this world where God is banned, the public discourse is crippled.
He is left only within my four walls
or His critics would have me believe even when it simply isn’t so.
Suffering is the hard truth.
It’s not something we choose and we didn’t choose this fallen world –
Wouldn’t we have chosen a utopia given the option? –
Yet, here we are, and suffering is the truth of it.
It ebbs and wanes, and it’s not upon us every moment,
Although in its midst it can feel that way.
Sometimes I drown the suffering in silence,
sometimes in the cacophony of city,
and less often with a beer or two.
All of them cause headaches, and I prefer my suffering as painless as possible.
As much as I hate reflection, since I know too much about myself
to want to see more, it is a worthy exercise …later.
And I begin to see suffering as clouds and ocean, always moving,
never over until its already begun again carrying different nuances.
Sometimes they work with each other, often they don’t, and there is suffering either way.



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