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Is there no going home? March 19, 2007

Posted by vsap in Poetry.

September 22, 2006

Some of us can go back and others cannot but not for lack of money
It’s lack of desire and degeneration of gravitational pull that once kept us in orbit
When it was home and friends called and screen doors were unlocked
And the clang-clang-clang of the ice cream truck was welcome music.

Today there is no concern for what can or can’t be done.
It’s about posture, position, platitudes, a kind of post-modern feudal system
But we don’t call it that since the hard glare of truth causes us to squint
Then we’re grabbing for the Ray-Bans or running for the shadows.

It’s far too easy to move on to the next thing than to make this thing right
Or make adjustments that clarify or justify what has been done.
We think we’ve accomplished much and we keep their memories alive
But no one else remembers, so much less for them to carry that way.

But we aren’t doomed, at least we don’t think so, as we sip our gourmet coffee
And catch a glimpse of the latest entertainment news and frown,
Spend thirty seconds scanning headlines for relevance when it is all relevant.
If all politics is local, then isn’t all news local, too?

And I no more believe that we stare too long into screens and don’t connect others
Anymore than I believe in the sweetness of fascism…
I might misjudge the depth of ignorance, but I am right in the center of its results.

Family skirmishes and battles are ancient and they remedy little
But in the short run they change the course of history
For our generation, for friends, for distant cousins, and for our very neighborhood.
Can you still ride your bike down the street you rode as a child?



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