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Hope is nourished by tears March 19, 2007

Posted by vsap in Poetry.

There isn’t a moment of regret so sour that some sweetness doesn’t come through.
There is sadness laced with the joy of release if ever a burden was carried.
Hope is nourished by tears of loss and in the darkness just before dawn.
I can know the pain of rejection without ever understanding it,
But the understanding isn’t sufficient to erase or ease the pain.
If suffering is born of happiness and contention born of peace
Then the spinning top that is this world has long wobbled on its axis
And remains as we have come to know it by the grace of a loving God alone.

I did not seek the sanctuary where I dwell, it was freely delivered to me.
The rich, the poor, we are both, and on any given day we fall squarely in with them.
Infidels and their vermin league are predisposed to look at us as weak.
They mistake humility and restraint for sin and they will die more horribly
than they could ever imagine or than their religion could ever require.
That is not for me to judge, for God has decided if I will be His witness
Or if others will ascend to the privilege.

Either way it is to His glory, not mine.
Heaven doesn’t need to offer virgins and petty bribes to capture souls for His purposes.

(To remember why we fight this war – March 19, 2007)



1. Catherine - March 19, 2007

that is beautiful

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