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A Jack Russell’s life March 18, 2007

Posted by vsap in Blogroll.

October 22, 2006

Having contemplated the struggles of life ad nauseam
It is time to consider the dog.
The noble, soulless beast that is relegated to subservience
As man devotes himself to pleasure instead of work –
To sport instead of hunting to survive.
The canis domesticus is a stalwart friend,
Seeking approval, giving unconditional love and faithfulness.
It’s no wonder a loving God created them.
Yet it takes a special man to be devoted to the dog.
Not all men should be fathers to children and
Not all men should be owners of dogs.
As the cases of abuse pile up and the stories of
Breeding to kill or fight or both circulate freely,
The dark and ugly of man’s nature is sometimes projected
On to the dog and the path to destruction is thus assured.
It seems the nature of the dog is to serve,
If only as quiet friend, to the man in charge.
Instinct will overtake the dog in lieu of training
And it can be a messy situation if the pup is left untempered
As thousands of yards of carpet and thousand of chairs and tables
Are scrapped every year due to the untamed dog.
Soft costs, I guess, the expense for not training.



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